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*BioResonance Biofeedback Quantum Wellness Program

Who are we?

Nadine Toriello was a spa owner from 2002 to 2017, a licensed esthetician and licensed body wrap specialist since 2002. She has worked with this bioresonance biofeedback program since July 2005 in her practice in Key West, FL. She moved to Sarasota in 2015 to bring her services to more people. She carries many certifications in the skin care field, is a licensed esthetics continuing education provider, a published author and world-wide lecturer for the skin care industry. 

Alexander Pearlie Hammers has been a bioresonance biofeedback practitioner since January 2016 and has been an audio mixer for broadcast in the entertainment, music and sport industries and broadcast audio educator for almost 50 years. He brings his expertise and vast knowledge of frequencies to the practice.   

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

About Our BioResonance Biofeedback 

“It's all true! I'm a believer. It works. OMG! This is the best thing ever. Amazing how it works. I am SUCH a believer. I own a salon that caters to bridal parties and I’m a triathlete and this has helped my aches and pains and definitely my asthmatic lungs. In fact, could use a little TLC on this achy back, hint hint wink wink.” Lorri B., Key West, FL  

 “Remote healing works!!!!!! I'm proof that Nadine and her biofeedback energy therapy is keeping me balanced!!!! LOVE YOU, Nadine” Deb S., Osprey, FL 

“I know firsthand how awesome this is! I was one of Nadine’s first clients in 2005 when I lived in Key West, FL. I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches for over 25 years and took many medications over the years. I have not had a migraine headache in over ten years! It would be hard to calculate the cost financially and damage done by the harsh drugs that I took for migraines over so many years, but when I count my blessings, you are at the top of my list. Thank You seems such a small thing to say for giving me back my health!” Geri B, Pittsburgh, PA

 “It is simply amazing!!! I love how I'll begin to experience changes in my body then within minutes hear from Nadine that she is running my biofeedback! Duh, that explains it!! It's the coolest experience EVER!! Thank you, Nadine. Your work is truly beautiful and the impact you make is greater than you'll ever know.” Laurel S., Sarasota, FL 

 “I’ve worked with Nadine and this amazing program since 2005. I still don’t get how it works, but it DOES! I suffered a car accident in the 1980s that crushed my entire body and after dozens of surgeries I have a chronic case of MRSA and constant pain. I have homes in Key West, West Palm Beach, Long Island and Positano, Italy and have seen the best doctors in the US and Europe. Nadine is the only one who has been able to get my MRSA under control and help with my chronic conditions whether I visit her office OR I’m half a world away. Thank you, Nadine!” Alice P., Positano, Italy

“My 3 year old had acid reflux since birth and lots of allergies. This program was able to pinpoint the worst of her issues and helped us create a diet that was more suited to our daughter’s needs. She is now 14 and healthy, happy and still adheres to an alkaline diet and drinks lots of water! I also found out that I was allergic to certain foods that no typical allergy test could find. I stopped eating the foods that the program suggested and my dark circles under my eyes went away, my stuffy nose stopped and I had a lot more energy! This program is GREAT!! Thanks, Nadine! Nicole T., Cherry Hill, NJ  

“After several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I had a difficult time blending back into civilian life. My physical therapist at the VA suggested Nadine and this crazy program and thought that it might help me deal with some of my PTSD symptoms and my aches and pains. I was skeptical, to say the least. However, after just a few visits, I began to feel better. Balanced is the word I like to use. I still don’t completely understand how it works, but it does. Amazing! We miss Nadine in Key West, but it’s nice to know if I need a ‘tune up’ I can call her and she will do it for me. Thank you.” Brian W., Key West, FL.  

 “Thank you again for running my first treatment on me. I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical of how all of this works since at school, we really only focus on learning how to treat the physical symptoms that are tested (I am going to become a physical therapist). But, wow, I cannot believe how accurate this exam was! It's a bit scary how you can read all of that without ever meeting me, but I am excited to see how it helps. It seems like I have quite a bit to work on! Haha” Erika R., Orlando, FL Follow up email a few weeks later….”I would just like to send you a big thank you email for all of your help so far! I know I’ve only had a few treatments with you so far, but I am already starting to see a change in myself, which is crazy for me to grasp my head around. I am happy to say that with your help, I have come to a decision with clarity and confidence as to where I am going to attend physical therapy school! I am very curious if you did a treatment this past Wednesday or Thursday because everything just kind of clicked into place for me to make this decision. I cannot thank you enough for your help with this because I was starting to believe that I would never decide, but I did!” (As a matter of fact, we had run a session on her that Wednesday!) 

About Our Skin Care Services


"Nadine is an absolute treasure. I recently started my career, my stress was high and my sleep quality was low. My skin started to lose its glow, my pores enlarged and I was experiencing breakouts like never before. I immediately made a facial appointment with Nadine. During the treatment she explained everything she was doing, why she was using certain products and really helped to educate me in skin care. She gave me samples of her new skin care line she's developing (which I LOVE and will stick with) and helped me to cut out unnecessary things in my skin care routine. It's been about a week and a half since my facial and it's been a complete 180 from when I went to her for help. My skin is GLOWING, my pores are completely reduced, I have zero breakouts. Even when I am tired and stressed I sure don't look it! I will forever be a client of hers, she is worth absolutely every penny. This is the first testimonial I have ever written for anyone because I cannot say enough good things about her. Go see Nadine, you will not be disappointed! Plus, she's so fun, sweet and uplifting to be around!" Amanda C.

About Our Customized CBD Oil Products

 "I  am absolutely loving the emu/CBD oil you gave me! It's only been 2 days  but already I can see a huge difference. I usually get a few very small  pimples around my hormone line and I've got nothing. My face looks  smoother and there is now zero redness. I'm so excited to see how much  better it gets with time!" Amanda C.


**Our offices are located Bradenton, FL. in Rucker Integrative Medical center. Rucker offer patients the latest in PEMF, Ozone therapy, Stem cell therapy and more! Check out their website: www.ruckerozonedoc.com   Our bioresonance biofeedback uses technology that allows frequencies to access you anywhere in the world! 

**We are currently creating customized topical CBD oil blends for chronic skin issues like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, lupus, acne and dermatitis. NOTE: YAY!! They are currently AVAILABLE! See how they can help you.

**Watch for educational and informative videos..check out our Service Video pages!